February 23, 2012
Inflight Cellar is First Class
Post by Joyce Wong

Business Traveller Cellars in the Sky Awards

Cathay Pacific’s expertise in selecting the world’s finest wines for passengers was recognised at the annual Cellars in the Sky Awards held in London on 6 February.

CX won the Most Improved Business Class Cellar award as well as the Best First Class Fortified Wine for the Ramos Pinto 10 Years Quinta Da Ervamoira at the competition, organised by Business Traveller magazine. The Champagne Amour de Deutz 2002 was runner-up in the Best First Class Sparkling Wine category.

Manager Catering Services Charles Grossrieder says the awards acknowledge the skill and dedication of the airline’s wine experts. “We aim to provide passengers with a superior travel experience which includes offering the chance to sample some of the world’s finest wines and matching these perfectly with the unique flavours of our inflight cuisine,” he says.


May 30, 2011
Changing tyres of a passenger aircraft
Post by Joyce Wong

They’re not just ordinary tyres.

They’re big and tough, each weighing 209 kilograms. And, with 16 main wheels and two nose wheels, they bear the weight of a fully loaded Boeing 747-400 passenger aircraft as it takes off and lands over and over and over again.

But there comes a time when all that work takes its toll, with the main wheels wearing out more quickly due to landing and braking than the nose wheels.

These wheels are checked by the operating captain and engineer before each flight and a tyre is retreaded or replaced as needed. In its normal lifespan, a tyre is retreaded up to six times then finally replaced after 1,500 landings.

Using a jack (two for the centre wheel), a wheel dolly, a spanner and a wrench, it takes two aircraft mechanics 45 minutes to an hour to replace a tyre. And thousands of tyres have to be replaced every year with Cathay Pacific and Dragonair’s 160 aircraft. A Boeing 747-400 alone gets approximately 50 tyres changed in a year, which means 2,250 tyre changes for the Boeing 747 fleet every year.

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